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turkey project
turkey project

Turkey project

As a provider of continuous casting technology, Ted work very closely with a number of key equipment providers of both "upstream" and "downstream"processes.  By utilising these relationships Ted can supply complete packages of equipment and technology transfer to provide total process route capability for the manufacture of specific end products.  This, Ted call a Turnkey Package.

As the first process in the manufacturing sequence for many product variants is usuallymelting and continuous casting. Rautomead are perfectly situated to be the prime player in the provision of a Turnkey Package.  Examples of TurnkeyPackages include:

·        Copper /copper alloys Strip:
continuous casting + surface milling +Acid cleaning+high precision rolling mill +annealing 

or continuous casting rod +continuous extrusion+hydraulic drawing mill 

Add electromagnetic mixing for tin-phosphor bronze strip to solve strip columnar crystal increasing,Tin segregation and  serious opposite deflection problems

·        Copper /copper alloys rod/bar:
continuous casting +surface polishing+draw/straighten/cut to length

·        Copper/copper alloys flat Wire :
continuous casting + drawing+flat mill+annealing 

or continuous casting rod +continuous extrusion+cold drawing mill 

·        copper/copper alloys hollow bar:

continuous casting +pilger mill +(cold drawing bench)

         ACR Tube

continuous casting+three-roll planetary mill +spinner block drawing +bright annealing+(Line mode spinning planet for inside tread tube)

In addition,project finance for investment in Turnkey Projects may be available on requestwith the co-operation of our partner companies.